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Brico.NB Gisozi

BricoNB is the leading supplier of safety clothing and equipment in Rwanda. We provide all necessary equipment, systems and supplies. We are also the supplier of equipment and signage, including warning signs, lights, barriers, guards, protective clothing and boots.

Head Protection

Wear protective hard hat helmets wherever there is risk of head injury. Protects against: Impact from falling/flying objects; electrical currents.

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Body Protection

Wear protective and high-visibility clothing whenever possible. Do not wear flammable or combustible articles. Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing or jewelry. Protects against: Combustion or catching fire; dark or low visibility environments; moving machine parts; severe injury, entanglement, and snags.

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Foot Protection

Wear approved safety shoes with steel/reinforced toes to protect your feet and extremities. Protects against: Injury from heavy or falling objects; wet, icy, or slippery conditions; slips, trips, and falls.

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Hand Protection

Wear safety gloves to protect against heat and sharp objects. Protects against: Excessive heat conditions; exposure to sharp or heavy objects; moving mechanical parts.

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Fall Protection

Brico.NB's fall protection safety systems are durable, comfortable and easy to use.

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Emergency Protection

Buy the safety equipment, emergency preparedness products, and protective gear you need from Brico.NB to ensure that your staff is ready for any situation.

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Road Safety

We supply roadblock and traffic control solutions to Rwanda.We believe that all equipment used in a road traffic or industrial safety environment must be robust and reliable.

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Protecting People Everyday.

Brico.NB Leader in the supply of all forms of Safety Equipment for every industry & sector in Rwanda.

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