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About Brico.NB


Brico NB ltd was founded in 2011. located in Kigali-Rwanda, Brico NB started its operation in Hardware
and home appliances field as a small shop, since then it has charted consistent and faster growth where
it specialized in safety equipment for industries and expanded its home appliances products, Brico has
now 2 branches (Remera & Gisozi) in Kigali and count around 8 dedicated permanent employees.
Under the valuable leadership of Mr Edmond Mukeka we have constantly climbed the ladders of
success. We have created such a reputation in the market for ourselves and have worked hard on the
quality of our services and the selection of the products we sell, that we are a step ahead of our


With the integration of technology and expertise Brico NB Home APPLIANCES is in the business of selling
home and commercial refrigerators, washing machines, air conditions, microwave, ovens, blenders,
mixers, cookers and so many other different products related to the kitchen. It delivers your products at
your doorstep and provides any technical assistance related to the sold products.
Since our customers admire our services, quality, punctuality, and flexibility, we bring in a big range of
different brands to give our clients the power to choose, and introduce them to the latest technology
available on the market.


Our purpose is to ensure that our clients get the best and most useful equipment to ease their daily


Our dedicated and experienced staff possess in depth the knowledge of every product we sell thus play
a big role in the service and product we deliver
We are reputed of selling these kinds of products:
● Refrigerators
● Microwave
● Cookers
● Air conditioners
● Water heater
● Mixers
● Blenders
● Deep fryers
● Ice cube makers

Availability and listening to customers at a time they need assistance on the field make Brico
competitive to other business in the same field.

Original Product

Free Delivery In Kigali Area

Trained Technicians available

Technical support

  • Product Installation at home or office available
  • In guarantee or not, Brico NB brings you a solution
  • A team of experts at your disposal to provide quick solutions
  • 24x7  Technical Support Services


  • Delivery outside of Kigali within 48 hours
  • Delivery of large products available at home or office
  • Free Delivery In Kigali Area
  • 24x7  Help Desk and Technical Support Services

Afte​r Sales services

  • 48 hours response
  • Our technicians are available and regularly trained    
  • Our expert will show you how to use your product well and get the most out of it
  • Support Services
responses for quote
employees at your service

Edmond Mukeka

Founder & Managing Director, BRICO.NB Ltd

More than 10 years of working experience in sales and company management, skilled in marketing strategy development, procurement, team management, negotiation and sales. Good communication and interpersonal skills with a Master degree focused in Management from IDRAC Business School.

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