Brico.NB Services

When it comes to PPE and safety clothing, it’s not all about just buying a product off the shelf. 

At BricoNB we can take you through the complete process, helping you to manage your project from the design stages at the beginning, all the way through to the finishing touches, such as embroidery service / garment logo printing and distribution at the end. 

You won’t have to worry about missing deadlines, or struggling with an online ordering process which is difficult to manage either. 

The little things always count, so our team goes to great lengths to get the everyday detail right. This way customers and suppliers can really see the difference when working with us, whatever service it is they require.

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Our standard delivery has a processing time up to 48h. We offer FREE DELIVERY with orders over the value of 20000 rwf to Kigali locations.

Technical Support 

We support all of our customers with a friendly, professional and courteous service that provides technical support.

Brico.NB can be reached by :

  • Phone  +250782524454 

  • Email

Open Hours : 8:00am to 6:00pm. 

From  Monday to Friday


A 6 months (up to one year) warranty plan for our products

Customer Services

Our technicians available and regularly trained